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Pun Pun Organic Farm Thailand 2016

I have made it to Pun Pun Organic Farm in Thailand. They had to move to their sister location because of a drought and I am the only white person here, however a few of the Thai people speak enough English to have a basic conversation. So I have been trying to learn a few phrases in Thai. The language is very difficult because you use different tones. For example the word "ma" can be said 5 different ways to mean 5 completely different things. You can say it short, long, as a question, with a deeper voice or with a higher voice (I think that's basically correct). Anyways, it's really easy to say the completely wrong thing. So one of the girls here was teaching me to say "I eat mushrooms" however when I repeated it everyone started laughing. She proceeded to tell me how to add "so delicious" to the phrase and at the point people were just dying. I then found out I had just said "I eat fleas, they are so delicious". The word for "mushroom" and the word for "flea" are almost identical. I probably shouldn't try to communicate in the city anytime soon.

Despite small language barriers, this is an amazing place and I'm grateful to be here!

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
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