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Today is Thailand new years and they celebrate with what’s called a Songkran festival, which basically just consists of people throwing water at you. This evening we rode in the back of the farm truck to town and there were tons of people just standing in the streets with huge buckets of water throwing them at people.  Phrao is not a tourist town and I was literally the only foreigner and people thought it was great to target me. I ended up SOAKING wet and some people were even throwing ice water. It was awesome though, so much laughter involved. I thought that is such a fun way to celebrate new years as opposed to just going and getting drunk. Also, it was the first time since I’ve been in Thailand that I felt cold. My clothes were drenched and with the evening settling in and the temperature breaking out of the 100’s I had a nice chill. I totally embraced it with how hot it’s been here. Once we got some food and walked around for a bit we headed back to the farm. On the drive back I just had to appreciate how beautiful the whole situation was. We had our own tub of water in the bed of the truck and one of the children from the farm was with us. She’s probably about 5 or 6 and she’s SO adorable. Even though I can’t understand anything she says she’s the happiest child I think I’ve ever been around. The other girls were splashing her with water and she was just laughing and squealing and just thought the whole thing was great. I enjoyed warm wind on my face and the fresh air as we drove. People have such simple lives here and they are SO happy. I love Thailand and their culture, I am so grateful to be in such a wonderful country. 

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Journal Entry