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Journal Entry

Today was a nice day. I’m getting into the groove of the schedule here. Adam is definitely very picky, but it doesn’t bother met at all. He’s very kind and soft-spoken, but also kind of serious. Most kiwi’s I’ve met have had wonderful senses of humor. The other girls here are very enjoyable to be around, we have already done a lot of laughing. I planted a tree today, an orange tree. I thought that was a special experience. I like when Adam puts his pickiness to the side to explain things. He has a nice voice and explains things very gently; I think he is a good teacher. I would like to get to know him better. I feel like he could tech me a lot.

-Later in the evening-

I just had a really great moment. There are a lot of stars out tonight so Mona and I went to go lay out and look at them. We were talking about how little we felt and how amazing and beautiful life was when she saw a shooting star. She said she didn’t have a wish to make and I was saying that’s always the best because it means you have everything you need. She agreed with me and we had this special moment of silence just appreciating the beauty of the sky, and then all of a sudden she bursts out, “No screw that, I want a unicorn!” and we both just burst into laughter that ended up in tears. It was seriously one of the greatest moments ever.

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Journal Entry