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We left Dan and Kath’s place. I had such a great experience there. They were such great people and I really loved their kids. Kath taught me how to make jam and custard and Dan took us shark fishing. One day one of his friends had gotten a new tube to pull behind his boat and he decided to test it out on us so we got to spend the day tubing on the lake! It was great! Definitely the best WWOOF hosts I’ve ever had. We are now at the Laughing Horse Farm in Glenhope. I like it here for the most part.  This farm had no reviews on the WWOOF site and usually I wouldn’t pick somewhere without reviews but the profile just looked so good. We had been joking that because they are off grid and in the middle of nowhere that they eat their kill and eat their wwoofers and that’s why they never return to write a review, but hopefully that isn’t true! Hah. Harvey, the owner, is very opinionated and is definitely a conspiracy theorist, but he has a ton of knowledge and has done a lot with his life. Dorothee, his wife, is very nice. I really like their daughter Amalita, she reminds me of myself. Awkward in a good way and she rides horses and plays piano. She is, although she thinks otherwise, very mature for her age. Which I suppose is what differs us, when I was 15 I was far from mature. We got to ride horses up a mountain today. It was so beautiful! I feel like my time so far in New Zealand has been very fulfilling. It’s going by too quickly.

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Laughing Horse Farm
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Journal Entry