Lokahi Garden Sanctuary-Hawi, HI

This farm is on the Big Island in Hawaii. I loved being here mainly because of the people in the community of Hawi. The owner of the farm was an older man who was extremely grumpy and passive aggressive. He never directly told me what he wanted and we were always a disappointment to him. He never appreciated our work and talked down about us behind our backs. He made us feel less than him and kept us at a distance from his family. He did let us come have dinner with them once a week but he wouldn't say much and you could feel that you weren't welcome. However, his wife was very sweet and loving and always played the role of the peace maker. You could tell she cared about us to a certain extent and invited us to her yoga classes. I did learn a little about growing asparagus and a good way to manage tomatoes in a green house but that was about it. In the end my experience here was only amazing because of how much I loved the people in the town. I would absolutely recommend anyone going to the town itself to spend time but i do not recommend going to the farm itself. However despite all of the negative aspects of working at this farm, I learned a lot about the importance of managing those who work for you. It really does make a difference in someone's work ethic when you treat them with respect and gratitude!